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Odessa, TX

Self Storage for Odessa, TX

If you’re being considered for deployment from an Odessa, TX military base, it’s best to know what you’ll do with your belongings ahead of time. Not everything can go with; that’s where the Aztec Storage Center’s Odessa, TX location can help. Our self storage units have various sizes that allow you to store something as large as your vehicle, or small enough to just house a few belongings. Weighing the pros and cons of self storage can be a difficult task. But with all Aztec Storage Center has to offer it doesn’t need to be. 

Why Choose Our Storage Facility

• Variety of storage unit sizes that can house items from a small closet, all the way up to a small house
• Climate controlled facility ensures that your valuable are protected from dust, pests, humidity and more
• 24/7 surveillance that allows us to ensure your items are safe and sound

Our Odessa Location

Aztec Storage Center
1131 E 52nd St., Odessa, TX

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